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A Filipino Breakfast

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Yesterday, I received a package from my friend back home. So I decided to make myself a Filipino meal for breakfast. Rice is a staple in every meal in the Philippines. For breakfast, there's always rice and a variety of dishes ranging from vegetable soup, fried sausage/chorizo, eggs, and more. 


Today's breakfast meal: Rice, Tomatoes, Scrambled eggs, Fried Dilis(Anchovy), Soy sauce 

The dilis is already salty so I dip the tomatoes in the soy sauce, and to complete the experience and feel like I'm really back home I eat with bare hands.

How about you? What do you usually eat for breakfast?

<3 Wendie

Board Game: Pentago

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It's a simple board game but it requires critical thinking and strategizing to win.


The rules are as shown above. It's a two-player game, they will pick between playing the white or black marble. Each player will place a marble in any of the four blocks then proceed to twist any of the game blocks. The first player to have five marbles in a row will win the game.

IMG_0757.JPGHere are our Junior High students in MML Moriai trying out this game after their lesson. They had fun playing it!

Have you heard of this game before or is this your first time hearing about it?

Wendie <3

Travel Show Recommendation: Netflix

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Since we can't really travel because of the pandemic, I've been watching travel-related shows on Netflix. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 15.57.55.png

This is what I watched recently "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" I like how each host gets to choose one place to stay based on 'budget friendly', 'experience', and 'luxury'. Each episode is spent in a different country and they stay in three different accommodations in each country. I enjoyed watching it and it feels like I've been traveling with them. I hope you give it a try.

 Wendie <3

DIY Summer-inspired nails!

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Hello, what have you been up to this summer break?

I've been trying different crafts here and there. One of them is doing my own nails. 


I bought all the things I needed in a one hundred yen shop, I only spent around 500 yen.

I used two different colors of nail polish and I also used some cute summer-inspired nail stickers.


Going to the nail art salon could have cost me a fortune and this DIY nail art saved me from it. :D

What do you think? Will you give it a try?

Wendie <3

Do you have food cravings?

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Hello! It's Wendie. Have you had any food cravings lately?


My cousins and I have been wanting to eat grilled food lately so last Saturday we had a small yakiniku dinner. We also re-watched a few episode of the the TV Series "Glee" while we were eating. It was a fun night.


The next day we also had fried chicken dipped in cheese, and some spicy cold noodles.

Wendie <3

Any plans for this summer break?

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Hello! I hope you're keeping yourselves hydrated. The summer heat has been extra awful this year!


Do you have any plans for this summer break? Are you going somewhere with your family or are you spending time at home?

Either way, I hope you take good care of yourself. Drink lots of liquids, and apply sunscreen regularly, don't forget to keep yourself cool. 

httpwww.mml-learners.comschoolnews202107things-to-remember-this-summer-season.html (1).png

This is my summer song this year, it's called "Permission To Dance" by BTS


You can watch the music video here:


And listen to it here.


Apple Music

See you after the break!

Wendie <3

Things to remember this Summer Season!

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Stay Hydrated.pngHere are some things to keep in mind this summer season.

 Stay Hydrated

Don't forget your liquids! Make sure to drink more water. It's a good way to cool down and stay hydrated. Going for snacks with high water content such as watermelon, cantaloupe, and cucumber is also good.

 Wear Sunscreen

Look for at least an SPF 30 and wear it all the time, a lot of it. Make sure to protect yourself from the intense UV rays.

 Wear light clothing

It's important to keep our bodies cool and wearing light clothing is one way to do it. Wear lighter colors and avoid dark colors that absorb the heat. Go with clothes that are made of breathable materials like cotton.

 Stay Indoors

Not only are we in a middle of a pandemic and staying indoors is the better option. It's important to look after your health, go out on cooler hours and avoid long exposure to extreme heat.

 Get enough rest

The summer heat can cause a feeling of tiredness even when doing small activities. Make sure to get enough rest at night and in between your activities.

Summer is a season associated with fun outdoor activities but with what's happening around us, let's consider doing indoor activities this time. We've also put together these reminders so we can look after our health while enjoying this season.

One last thing

Feb-March2021.jpg<3 Wendie

Let's look at the bright side...

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Often times we are very scared of failure that we don't realize that this fear is what is stopping us from learning and doing things we want to do. I constantly remind myself that the fear of failing will never go away, we will always be scared, but let's not let this fear keep us from trying. It's better that we do things despite that fear of failing than we live out lives full of regrets. Instead of telling yourself "what if I fail?" start looking at the brighter side "What if I succeed?"

With Love,

Wendie <3

Of cold drinks and cold sweet treats!

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With the blooming of flowers comes the heat and one way to beat the heat is, of course, cold drinks and ice cream!

Let's start with my go-to drinks and last year's trend which I don't drink much anymore but is still worth mentioning.

5.png7.png6.pngIce cream! I don't even know where to start!

Japan is a land of a million ice cream flavors, sounds like I'm exaggerating but I'm not. (You also have to see how many KitKat flavors they have, it will blow your mind.)

Here are some of my favorites here:

2.png3.png4.pngHow about you what are your favorite summer coolers?

Wendie <3

I made short Music Playlist for you!

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Blue and Pink Ripped Teen Collage Chill AcousticClassicalLo-Fi Playlist Cover (1).png

Here are 7 songs I listen to when I just want to chill and relax. Some of them are from the original artists and some are covers. It's a simple mix of songs that eases my mind and I want to share it with you!

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 9.25.24.png

Out of seven, my Top 3 picks are

Film Out by BTS

Okinawa by 92914

With A Smile by Eraserheads


You can listen to them here:



Let me know what you think. :D

<3 Wendie